Wipro Campus, Greater Noida

Wipro Campus Greater Noida is a Gold rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council, under the umbrella of USGBC) in New Construction Category.

Knowledge Boulevard, Noida

Knowledge Boulevard is a GOLD rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council, under the umbrella of USGBC).The project incorporates a highly energy efficient design with the goal of obtaining a high performance, low maintenance, low operating cost facility achieved through sustainable and energy efficient design features.

Patni Knowledge Center, Noida (Block B)

Patni Campus, Block B - Noida is a Gold Rated LEED certified Green Building.  This project is a quantum leap in comparison to the conventional procedures, which accomplish lesser criterion. This project sets up stringent standards for its contemporaries to follow and provides them with a direction to further improve on those standards. A strong monitoring process is installed to lower the energy consumption on the development every subsequent year.

Spectral Services, Hyderabad

Spectral Services, Hyderabad is a Gold Rated LEED certified project. The office is located at Jubliee Hills in the heart of Hyderabad city, which is well connected with adjacent areas by public transportation and has an excellent access to basic amenities. The workspace design exhibits an attractive, collaborative and naturally daylight area. Majority of the workstations are positioned on the periphery of the floor plate; open plan layout with minimum interior walls allowing ample light and views helping in reducing energy bills.