If life is a celebration, Planet Lotier is the place to be in. Step into this exquisite haven of luxuries to discover yourself in a completely different world altogether. A world that satiates all your hedonic desires and one that you simply cannot let go off. Come. Soak in it.

Get set to be mesmerized by a heady concoction of the sprawling 1,25,000 sq. ft. Planet Lotier's supreme luxury on one hand, and a host of unmatched 'Green' advantages on the other.

  • Air conditioning with minimal power consumption and redundancy
  • Superior indoor air quality to increase productivity and energy levels
  • Exclusive noise and vibration control measures
  • Optimized use of air conditioning equipment based on occupancy
  • Superior voltage regulation through efficient transformer design
  • Use of high efficiency motors for all equipment with moving parts
  • 100% Power Backup
  • Water saving fixtures and fittings
  • Use of recycled water for landscaping
  • Recharging ground water by unique water harvesting methodologies