Green Boulevared - Noida
Green Boulevard is the World's Largest Platinum rated LEED  certified Green Building from USGBC  in Shell & Core Category.  The building is a multi-tenant project that is based on the concept of creating a congenial campus like environment, where every tenant can share common areas, facilities and still retain their privacy.

The three towers, of this 9,52,000 sq.ft. development, are staggered horizontally and vertically, giving each one visibility from the road. The stilted public realms on the lower floors consist of an amphitheater, a gym, a cafeteria and shops, helping to form an area of common interests. The shaded stilted landscape areas provide easy visual & physical connections, which create an interactive environment.

The private areas (offices) start from the second-floor  upwards. The towers are designed around shaded landscape courts with water bodies & plants, which help to reduce the ambient temperature. The building depth has been optimized to capture daylight and to maximize views.

There north-south orientation of the building ensures minimum direct sunlight from the north while the clever horizontal projection design feature cuts off the high sun from the South side. All the exterior shading systems are designed to cut off heat and get glare-free  light. Pre cooled fresh air; the heat recovery wheel and free cooling during fair weather further help in energy conservation.

It was ascertained as per the building simulation results that the Active and Passive features of the Green Boulevard, together, help in saving 40% energy from other office buildings in India. The inherent design principle of the Green Boulevard strives to balance environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and resource efficiency, comfort of the occupant and community sensitivity.