IHDP - Noida

Spread over 5 acres of prime commercial location in Noida, IHDP offer's office spaces for Corporates with the right mix of elegance, comfort and value. It has a unique layout plan with courtyards and water bodies, creating an oasis of calm. A perfect blend of modern technology, services and professional estate management creates a truly world-class  experience.

The studios are designed in clusters interconnected by common court areas; each court has its distinct character and features and is yet part of a larger thematic architectural principle that flows throughout the structure and the surrounding compound. The studios face inwards to the inner open area so that all of them have good visibility and easy access.

These clusters are planned around a dynamic, central water body that changes shapes and sizes to create movement. The water body simultaneously functions as a stage for the amphitheater. IHDP is an architectural delight, state of the art in technological & design features and truly world class in services and upkeep.