Wipro Campus, Gurgaon is a Platinum Rated LEED certified Green Building. US Green Building Council honored this project in year 2005 with LEED Platinum award with 57 points, which makes the Wipro project the second highest and the largest platinum rated green building in the world and highest in Asia. The main focus of the design is the inverted cone, strategically located at the cross junction of two roads to give visibility to the building. A highlight of the building is a control, open to sky landscape courtyard that contributes in keeping the building cool during summer. All open office spaces look into the courtyard, thus these spaces have good access to daylight.

"Courtyard is an environmental device that combines the principles of physics, perception and cultural psychology. It produces an aesthetic language in which nature is reinstated as a beneficent force in architecture."

The courtyard acts as a light well, a microclimatic generator and a landscape element. All the office work areas are designed around this landscape court. Mutual shading of the courtyard walls keeps them cooler than the outside walls. Walls of the courtyard are painted in a light color for diffused reflected light.

Wipro made an attempt to minimize the negative impact of building construction on surrounding areas. Excavation has been done at a steep angle of 10 degrees to prevent soil erosion from vertical faces. Existing trees along the periphery have been retained to stabilize the soil and prevent soil erosion. Eliminating storm water run off, increasing on-site  infiltration and eliminating contamination have limited disruption of natural water flow.

The project strives to be an exemplary energy-efficient  building. Notable features include - a reduced overall conductance for the envelops, terrace gardens, high-performance  grass with optimum visual light transmittance, exterior light shelves and over hangs for all windows, efficient chillers, efficient lighting using lamps and ample daylight spaces with photo sensor controls.