Knowledge Boulevard

Knowledge Boulevard is a GOLD rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC. Location is one keyword that can be best used to describe Knowledge Boulevard that faces the National Highway 24 in sector 62, NOIDA. This large complex is an iconic building with great visibility from the Highway. The metro station is less than 5 min walking distance from this complex. The Knowledge Boulevard project is built on a 4.94 acre site and it has been constructed as a core & shell facility for the tenants from IT and ITES sector. The project incorporated a highly energy efficient design with the goal of obtaining a high performance, low maintenance, low operating cost facility achieved through sustainable and energy efficient design features.

Knowledge Boulevard is aesthetically impressive and equipped with Energy Efficient Building Envelope. The building has one level of basement and it houses mechanical plants, main electrical room and offers parking area for cars. The building has two wings separated by fire rated wall, the two wings have separated lift lobby and stair cases. Vehicular internal road surrounds the building facility providing access to the basement through ramp.

Knowledge Boulevard, had been conceptualized to develop a campus like conducive environment which provides common facilities shared by the tenants. The building was designed keeping in mind aesthetics, functional and operational cost effectiveness and sustainability. The tower is divided into two blocks, the stilted ground floor has parking and common facilities. The stilted public realm on the ground floor houses common facilities like gym and cafeteria..The landscape, stilted areas with easy visual & physical connections foster a conducive interactive environment for the Campus.

The building is oriented north South for minimum direct sunlight. South and Eastern sides have the building cores and have been provided with minimum fenestrations to provide a buffer from the heat gain. On the western side the building has been staggered to provide a self shading effect. The lower floor has been developed as to have common areas which flow into soft landscaped areas. This helps to reduce ambient temperature and radiations. The campus has peripheral vehicular movement, 65.8% of car park is under stilts and basement, maximizing landscape areas and thus reducing heat island effect. The building depth is optimized to capture maximum daylight and views. Double glazing has been provided, to reduce heat gain and long wave radiations. Precooled fresh air, heat recovery wheel and free cooling during fair weather further helps in energy conservation. Knowledge Boulevard is aZero discharge building- Entire Rain water is collected and taken to harvesting tanks. Sewage is 100% treated and the recycled water is used for cooling tower makeup, landscaping and flushing. Construction waste was properly segregated and more than 98% waste is diverted from landfill by reusing, recycling or handing over to proper agencies.